Employee assistance program is a program developed by Human Performance Solutions (HPS) to help small to medium-sized businesses deal with troubled employees. HPS' experience in behavior risk management programs can help businesses have a healthy and productive workplace. They have specialized programs to help company owners boost productivity, keep the valuable workers, and improve their performance in the office. The products and services of HPS are professional, confidential, and tailored to meet the needs of its clients.

Employee assistance program is a useful management resource for boosting productivity and profits, minimizing employee turnover and enhancing their performance, morale and commitment. To achieve this, the program provides a resource for supervisors and managers to refer workers who are experiencing personal issues which may affect their work or their team's work. Employees (including their dependents) will be provided with a confidential, easy-to-access resource that can help them with their problems, whether it be with their family and relationships, with alcohol or drug abuse, with emotional, financial, and other personal or work-related concerns.

The program's benefits are customized to meet the needs of every company that uses it. It also provides consultations concerning communication problems and human behavior; as well as techniques on how to avoid the escalation of communication and performance issues. HPS also provides specialized expertise and specially designed interventions for traumatic incidents that may impact the workplace negatively. Employee assistance program elements will be combined and made to compliment a company's resources as well as to help it achieve its goals.

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